Book Review of 2012: The War for Souls

2012: The War for Souls
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This is by far the most original, most intriguing 12/21/12 book I have read yet. And I have read several.
Whitley Striber always seems to come up with unique ideas and new ways of looking at things, and "2012" is one of his best efforts yet.
Combine the Myan calender,parallel universes, reptilian invaders, Heaven, Hell and the end of the world. Plop a family, or two parallel families, right down into the middle of it all and you have a winner. I could hardly put this book down!
But be forwarned, "2012" is one of the most convoluted, confusing, aspect-changing, and original books I have ever read. I was lost for the first third of the book, trying to keep up. It is well worth the effort.
If you enjoy this type of book you will love "2012", especially if you are a Whitley fan already. Don't let this one get away!