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Book Review of Brave Heart (Harlequin Historical, No 171)

Brave Heart (Harlequin Historical, No 171)
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sold to Blackjack Kingston, a cruel miner who chained her to a bed, raped her for four months, horribly scarred her, and then left her to die in the South Dakota wilderness. Serena, alone in the wilderness, hears a group of Lakota women being raped and comes to their rescue, saving the life of at least one Lakota child with the group, but sustains injuries herself. The Lakota, thankful for her help, take her back to their village, and she is placed in the tent of Black Wolf, the tribe's medicine man.
Black Wolf, intune with the spirit world as the medicine man of his Lakota tribe, instantly names Serena "Cante Tinza," or Brave Heart. He can see that her heart is brave, but she has been mistreated for so long, would she ever learn to trust a man and grow to love him? He's determined to be gentle and show her the way love is supposed to be, but there are so many obstacles to their love - Serena's distrust of men, a jealous Lakota maiden, Blackjack Kingston, to name a few - will their tender love be allowed to bloom, or will it be crushed before it has a chance to heal both of them?