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Book Review of Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, Bk 14)

Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, Bk 14)
Helpful Score: 12

It was OK.

That about sums it up. The fans looking for a resolution for the Steph-Morelli-Ranger triangle will be disappointed ... there was very little love-line interaction (a few conversations, a few smacks of the lips, but very little detail regarding the mindset of Ms. Plum.)

The BIG mystery: the who-done-robbed the bank and hid the money 10 years ago, and now wants it mystery??? It was OK. Nothing exciting.

The skips: uh ... what skips? There were very few of the usually laugh-inducing skip take-downs.

The laughs: I chuckled a few times, but there was no laugh-until-I-cry episodes.

The monkey: .. all I have to say is WHY? There was no reason to have a monkey as a gimmick for a plot point. There were a few comments about finding monkey poop, etc, but the monkey could have been left out of the story completely, and the book would have been better for it. It screamed gimmick to me.

The side characters:
Lula - gotta love that woman. She's a big hoot.
Grandma - I didn't buy the big gamer g-ma, either. Although Grandma is 'hip', buying her as a hardcore gamer is an enormous stretch.
Mooner - I loved seeing Mooner back :)

So overall, if you are a fan, you may be glad you read it. It's Stephanie Plum, who is still entertaining .. but don't expect to find your new favorite of the series. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it .. but I'm still glad that I read it. 3 stars.

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