Book Review of The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, Bk 1)

The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, Bk 1)
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Rick has done it again!! Another series that grabs you!!! My 13 yr old son & I got it as soon as it came out in the bookstore and he read it in the morning and I read it in the afternoon! WE R READY 4 BOOK 2 NOW!!

SPOILER WARNING: When u get 2 the end b ready 2b angry!! I was so frustrated that the story ended where it did-what a CLIFF HANGER!!!!!

Another book series 2 read with your tween/teen so u can discuss it with him/her. In fact, this book is good enough 2 read more than once. Rick is a very detailed writer and the 2nd time thru uc so much more than u did the 1st time thru. ENJOY!!