Book Review of Allegiant (Divergent, Bk 3)

Allegiant (Divergent, Bk 3)
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I thought ALLEGIANT was super disappointing.

Tris and Four narrate the story in alternate (and long-winded) chapters, which proves to be completely pointless since the author failed to give them distinct voices and characterization, so it's almost impossible to tell them apart without looking back at the chapter headings.

And unfortunately, what began as an original and clever idea in DIVERGENT basically descends into a convoluted, unclever pish-posh of genetic damage that results in Tris's character arc becoming little more than a far-reaching and dull fait accompli.

ALLEGIANT illustrates that DIVERGENT was a one-book story idea enthusiastically forced into three. I give it a C-....It almost makes me yearn to read the LEGEND trilogy again. Marie Lu's writing was of much higher quality and she also knew how to properly end a YA trilogy. (◕‿-) I'm sure Veronica Roth's skills will improve as she continues her writing career.