Book Review of Finding Fish: A Memoir

Finding Fish: A Memoir
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I really loved this memior. I truly felt as though I was sitting next to Mr. Fisher listening to him talk about his life. The narration was perfect, detailed, true, and from the heart. While suffering so much negativity from literally, birth, Antwone recounts all of his abuse while focusing on the good in the world. He so easily could have been a "statistic" that fell through the cracks. Antwone pushed through among self-realizations and optimism with barely any guidance or positive influence. He hung on to every word of hope that WAS offered to him througout his life and cultivated into a beautiful human being. He truly illustrates how it doesn't matter where you come's where you're going and how you get there.

EDIT: I watched the movie as soon as I read the book. As ALWAYS- the book was much better. As I love Denzel Washington, the movie was excellent, but they are still two different animals...(the adaptation was not as detailed, and some things were added/left out for a purpose, im assuming) READ THIS EVEN IF YOU SAW THE MOVIE!!