Book Review of The Abduction (Legacy of Love)

The Abduction (Legacy of Love)
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This book is Patricia Potter's first Scottish historical romance - and frankly it shows. At an early point in the book, I found the traitor to be blindingly obvious.

This is an interesting story but the dialogue dragged at times and the build-up to the final confrontation seemed to last forever. However, Potter did one thing very well - she offered a long enough ending to tie up several loose ends. Sometimes, Potter rushes the last few pages, as if she can't wait to finish the story.

Alex and Elsbeth are star-crossed lovers; each from an opposing, hostile clan. These two main characters lacked the sparkle and well-developed characterizations of other Potter novels.

Patricia Potter published five books in 1991 (Lawless, Island of Dreams, The Abduction, Rainbow, and The Greatest Gift. Perhaps this is why this book wasn't one of her best; however, Lawless was super!