Book Review of After All (Cassidy Family, Bk 1)

After All (Cassidy Family, Bk 1)
After All (Cassidy Family, Bk 1)
Author: Jill Marie Landis
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Weary of the customers at the Palace of Venus Saloon, dance-hall performer Eva Eberhart wants out; she wants respectability. She decides to apply for the job of housekeeper at the Trails End Ranch, in Last Chance, Montana.

Creating a new past, Eva arrives at the ranch looking every inch a lady. However, ranch owner Chase Cassidy, is unsure that Eva is up to the task. Part of the housekeepers job is to handle a difficult teen nephew, Lane, also living at the ranch. Cassidy is desperate and agrees to give Eva the opportunity to prove herself.

What Eva does not know at this point is that Cassidy is also trying to escape his past; he was a dangerous gunslinger and spent time in prison. Chases neighbors are displeased to have such a man in their midst. The nephew in this story (who will star in the next story, LAST CHANCE), is very troubled and a constant irritant to his uncle.

Years before this story began; Lanes mother was killed in front of him. When Chase came home, he left Lane with a neighbor and rode after the killers. He intended to only be gone a few days; he was absent for more than ten years. This is much of the conflict between uncle and nephew; Lane was abandoned by the only two people in his world.

This is a wonderful story about two adults who dont feel worthy of happiness.

Cassidy Family
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