Book Review of Bread Alone (Bread Alone, Bk 1)

Bread Alone (Bread Alone, Bk 1)
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Bread Alone, in my opinion, did not have any extreme merit, or 'hook' for the reader. It was an okay read, just not anything exceptional.

the story just kind of flowed-first through the shock and devastation through Wynter's eyes to find out her husband is a cheating creep, then through the pain of the rest of the breakup, and ensuing divorce. It was beyond annoying, down right sad, how Wynter constantly was looking over her shoulder for the ex (David) to suddenly love her again, and there may still be a 'happily ever after' to be found. Not going to happen. The saving grace was the bakery with the down to earth characters and every day setting, the recipes, the comforting delicious bread itself.
Other than than...just barely a 2 star for me. There were no peaks and valleys, no-hold your breath, just lots of emotional pain, an apathetic main character, and some bland lover interests along the way.