Book Review of Dominic (Lords of Satyr, Bk 4)

Dominic (Lords of Satyr, Bk 4)
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I felt dirty reading this book. I know there is some thrill to reading something a little naughty, but this book went beyond what I feel is appropriate in an erotic romance. I don't understand this trend toward displaying such graphic depictions of sexual violence in romance and erotic romance novels. Maybe I'm too sensitive but I feel like these graphic, extensive, and violent scenes of rape, necrophilia, and bdsm (in which the goal is clearly to demean and brutalize the victim) as not belonging in well over half of a novel that I'm to understand is meant to be, ultimately, a romance. If, like me, you prefer your romances to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, then I'd avoid this novel. I'm not saying a little darkness or boundary pushing isn't ever appropriate in a romance, it just needs to feel like it has a purpose that furthers the story of the romance. In this book the torture was overlong and gratuitous. Plus, as another reviewer pointed out, if there had been less explicit sexual violence, maybe there would have been space for an actual plot.