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Book Review of Letters from Janice: Correspondence from the Astral Plane

Letters from Janice: Correspondence from the Astral Plane
tracymar avatar reviewed on + 407 more book reviews

A very inspirational and optimistic book which helps to allay the fear of death/afterlife and introduce us to the spiritual existence we are likely to have after death - the learnings and wonders we will experience once we leave the earthplane. I happen to know the author and how he came to channel this book. He is not a professional psychic, but had worked many years in public school education, real estate and auction work and was very surprised to be the recipient of the channelling which he recorded here. He was also convinced of its validity because Janice, after death, shared with him information which he had not known and could not have known about her - information which proved to be true when he checked it out. I have the greatest faith in the author's legitimacy and the legitimacy of the material in this book -- and I am a skeptic in regard to much of the psychic material and channelling that is in circulation. This is a small but very readable book with lessons for living in this world as well as the next one. Highly recommended!

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