Book Review of Artifact (Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt, Bk 1)

Artifact (Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt, Bk 1)
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This is the first time I have read this author, and I know I'll be reading all her books! Loved this story.

Jaya Jones is a new associate professor living in San Francisco. She had recently learned that her old lover, Rupert Chadwick, had died in an automobile accident in Scotland. Since last she knew Rupert was working in London, she was puzzled as to the reason he had been in Scotland. And to add to her confusion, she received a package from Rupert which had been mailed out on the day of his death. In it was the "Artifact", and she became determined to find his killer and trace the artifact's relationship to Rupert's death.

In the ensuing adventure, she relies upon her magician friend in San Francisco and a new aquaintance, Lane Peters. I have to mention, though, that mainly she relies upon herself, and she doesn't lack for courage, although common sense is sometimes missing from any equation she dreams up. The comparisons to Amelia Peabody (Elizabeth Peter's heroine) are well made. I also love those books, which is why I am so sure I will continue to follow Jaya's adventures.

I also liked that I didn't figure out in the first half of the book exactly where the author was taking Jaya. I certainly didn't expect the ending, and there were several "wow, I didn't see that coming" moments for me. Really recommend this book as a quick read, since I couldn't put it down!