Book Review of The Duggars: 20 and Counting! Raising One of America's Largest Families

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This book gives you real insight to how the Duggars live.I learned alot about them that I never knew before.They talked about their faith in God and how everything they do is based upon him.How they chose to live with paying for everything in cash not owing any one money. How they are raising their children.Why she decided to have so many children because of losing one while she was taking birth control pills.Why she deiced to home school them instead of sending them to school.How every child must take violin lessons.They also talk about building their new home and what they went through.You also get to know Michelle and Jim Bob from the time they met to now.The book gives you family recipes.Michelle also gives you tips on how to raise children like she is doing from chores to sitting on a blanket.
You will see that the Dggars have a used car lot and real estate business which is what they do to earn a living.Why she named her children with each beginning with J so no one would feel left out if it was her last child.