Book Review of Ace of Hearts (House of Cards, Bk 1)

Ace of Hearts (House of Cards, Bk 1)
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This is a delightful trio of stories (see the list below). You will laugh out loud with the antics in this story. It is just plain fun. The hero in this outing is almost an anti-hero. Ace, an earl, is shaking the dust of London to get away from the three women he is engaged to (at the same time). He makes a point of running away from unpleasant problems.

Alex (Ace) and his brother, Jack, were given a quest by their dying father. Earlier, there was a carriage accident that claimed his second wife and all hands in the conveyance. However, the baby Lottie (Charlotte) Endicott disappeared -- without a trace. The old earl was convinced that the child still lived and begged his sons to continue the search for their half-sister.

Ace decides that this would be a great time to search for Lottie. To that end, he goes to the place his step-mother was visiting at the time of her death. As he arrives at the Ambeaux Cottage, he finds that the brother entrusted with the care if his manor (and its tenants) has been stealing, draining the value from Ace's minor estate.

There, Ace meets the sister, Nell, a lovely spinster, under the thumb of her older brother. Nell is an interesting character; her best friend is a goose, Wellsley. The goose is rather protective of Nell and attacks those he feels have gotten too forward. When the goose attacks Ace and his horse, he winds up with a head wound, broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. While Ace is trying to get well, Fiancee #1 arrives, planning to snare the earl at last.

The house also holds the old aunt, who has regular conversations with the dead. Ace has a wonderful valet who adds much to the comical goings-on. As you can see, there are plenty of zany characters to keep the story going. Be sure to read these books in order.

House of Cards Trilogy
1. Ace of Hearts (2005)
2. Jack of Clubs (2006)
3. Queen of Diamonds (2006)