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Book Review of The ABCs of Full Tilt Living: Insights from A-Z

The ABCs of Full Tilt Living: Insights from A-Z
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"Spunky self-help. This BIG little BOOK is a bowl of alphabet soup for body and soul! Turn ordinary days into Ahhs. Bleep out the bad words. Get fresh. You get the idea. Twenty-six letters and literally hundreds of ways to change your life for the better. Full Tilt is a state of heart, and it can be yours!"
For instance under D:
"DRAMA QUEEN: Know any? Simple things like the quarter getting stuck in the parking meter or the check not arriving in the mail transform them. They can weep over too much salt in the soup for an entire meal
A ten minute wait at the toll booth might as well be several lifetimes. Life is just plain larger for a drama queen.
I had a dog once who was a Drama Queen. You looked at her cross-eyed for wolfing down a whole cube of butter (how did she get on the counter that fast??) and she'd crank out a howl to chill the spines of neighbors for blocks around. But when that dog was happy she could make her eyes glow...(big snip here) And that's the thing about Drama Queens that makes me wish I could be one--they know how to squeeze the max out of every moment of their lives."

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