Book Review of The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, Bk 1)

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, Bk 1)
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Whew...Suzanne Collins sure can spin a yarn!!! I've seen good reviews and bad reviews...But all of my reading type friends pretty much backed me into a corner and forced me to start this book...I owe them all a dozen cookies...I flippin' LOVE this story...I rarely run into a book that makes me want to reread it or even give it a passing thought during the day...I find myself thinking about Katniss' world quite often during the day...The world is such a fickle place that this could be based on reality...It didn't really have the feel of a sci-fi book...I could feel the emotion...I could smell the moss in the air and I could see the faces of the tributes as they went about trying to survive the games...Times are difficult for so many right now and I could feel the emotion in Katniss as she struggled to provide for Prim and her Mother...I will say this about the book...It seems to me that most young adult authors are using the same template for their novels...Girl torn between two loves...It works in this book...Katniss does not come off as a whiney teenager but a girl who struggles to make the best of what has been handed to her...I am devouring Catching Fire right now and cannot wait until I can start Mockingjay...I am also looking forward to the movie adaptation in March...I hope they do the book justice...There are many who have this on their wish list but a word to the wise...Go buy it...The paperback is only around $7.00 right now and it is worth EVERY penny...I can't let go of my copy...This book is a keeper!!!