Book Review of Faces of Fear

Faces of Fear
Faces of Fear
Author: John Saul
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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If you are looking for one of John Saul's supernatural horror books, this is not for you. The horror in this book comes from what people can really do to each other, although in this case it is fiction. The main character is a teenager named Allison whose mother marries a renowned plastic surgeon after discovering her first husband is gay(an unusual twist for Saul, but well done). They move to Beverly Hills and have trouble adjusting to the shallowness of people there. It also appears that Dr. Stepdad isn't quite over the death of his first wife. Meanwhile, Allison 's dad has moved in with his lover and his newsrooom is following the story of a serial killer who removes certain glands of each victim. Who would do that, and why? Well, if you read a lot of Saul you might figure it all out before it's revealed, but who cares. The read is about the characters and their journey, and this is a satisfying read.