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Book Review of Last Breath

Last Breath
Last Breath
Author: Rachel Lee
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Let me state this is NOT a romantic suspense book like the publisher stated on the book's spine. The blurb from the blurb on the back of the book is very misleading:

"A former top cop and now a crackerjack attorney, Chloe Ryder always gets to the heart of the matter with stunning precision. She never lets anything or anyone get past her cool, protective exterior. Yet even she can't keep her feelings on ice when a murdered man is found in the hallowed sanctuary of her church and Father Brendan, beloved by all his parish members, is suspected of the shocking crime. To protect the innocent priest, she is forced to investigate the case with Detective Matthew Diel. They had once been lovers, and to this day only Matt knows the secret tragedy in Chloe's past. Now working with her again, he soon realizes some painful truths. He has never stopped loving her -- and he may never again get the chance to prove it. Because a killer is watching their every move...LAST BREATH"

First, Chloe Ryder and Detective Matthew Diel were NEVER lovers - just co-workers and friends and while Matthew was attracted to Chloe, he was never in love with her when they were friends.

I rated this book so low because I spent a large amount of time waiting for the romance portion of this book to start up (as promised).

Overall, I was very letdown by both the "romance" and the mystery. Oh, the murderer is caught but you knew who it was fairly soon in the story but the author added a whole other element (and an unnecessary element, IMO) to the plot - a "conspiracy" that never gets resolved and you are left with a whole lot of unanswered questions.

Don't waste your time - there are too many other books in the sea that are better than this.