Book Review of Northwest Angle (Cork O'Connor, Bk 11)

Northwest Angle (Cork O'Connor, Bk 11)
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Always when I think the Cork O'Connor series just can't get any better, the author William Kent Krueger outdoes himself. This is simply why I read books, this one took me on an adventure I won't soon forget and at some point may have to go back and revisit this book again it was so good. Its set on the most northwest part of the contingent 48 states and involves all the characters of this series that I have come to love! Its a tale about a family (the O'Connors) trying to reconnect on a family vacation in the Northwest Angle on a houseboat. While on vacation a huge storm of hurricane proportion sweeps in and with the aftermath of the storm comes suspense, mystery, and intrigue in which only William Kent Krueger can pen a book! This like all of his books was hard to put down, but like most I didn't want it to come to an end. What a ride and an adventure this book takes you and at the end you can reflect about how you can do amazing things when it comes to family. I think the cover may be wrinkled as I was white knuckling it all the way, as the suspense is high-what a thriller. As always I recommend you to take a journey in his books, but would suggest you start with the first book in his series "Iron Lake" and then enjoy and savor each one in order along the way!