Book Review of The Impostor (Liars Club, Bk 2)

The Impostor (Liars Club, Bk 2)
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Love, love, love this series. Hot romance, great humor, suspenseful plots - it's pretty much exactly what any woman needs on her shelf for rainy days. 'The Imposter' is the second book in The Liar's Club series, featuring a group of men working as undercover agents for the Crown (and the Royal Four, but that's a whole other series). The main cast of characters interact with each other throughout the whole series, so it does help to read them more or less in order.

Clara Simpson (mentioned in passing in 'The Pretender') is leading a secret life as satirical political cartoonist Sir Thorogood. Unfortunately, one of her cartoons has caught the notice of the government, and Dalton Montmorency, Lord Etheridge, has been assigned to impersonate Sir Thorogood in order to bring the real artist out into the open. Unfortunately for Dalton, another organization is out to eliminate Sir Thorogood, which makes him the public target. Clara is angry that Dalton is taking credit for her own work and sets out to make him an object of ridicule. They can't stand each other.

Meanwhile, the two of them meet and fall in love under separate circumstances while sneaking around investigating Clara's neighbor. They like each other quite a lot. Lots of subterfuge, confusion, violence, and falling in love result. As usual, Bradley does an excellent job balancing humor and action between a set of very enjoyable characters.