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Book Review of Tiger's Curse

Tiger's Curse
Tiger's Curse
Author: Colleen Houck
Book Type: Paperback
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In Tiger's Curse the reader is introduced to Kelsey, an about-to-graduate high school senior living with a foster family in Oregon. Kelsey takes a temporary summer job with a small travelling circus performing in her town, starting as a ticket seller and general gopher. She gradually works her way up to a position as the animal trainer's assistant, where she meets the circus' white tiger, Dhiren, and develops a bond with him that far surpasses the bond the trainer himself has with the animal.

When a mysterious and exotic man shows up one day and makes an offer to purchase the tiger that the circus owner can not refuse, Kelsey is heartbroken to learn that her friend is leaving the circus. But her distress is soon turned into wonder when the gentleman, Mr. Kadam, offers her the job of escorting Dhiren, or Ren, back to an animal preserve in his homeland of India. She accepts this offer with some trepidation but much exhilaration and soon the trio embark on a journey halfway around the world.

Once in India, Kelsey and Ren set out in a hired truck towards the preserve, while Mr. Kadam sets out in another direction to handle some other business. When their truck is hijacked on its way and Kelsey and Dhiren are abandoned on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, Ren leads Kelsey into the jungle. Once they are alone in the wild, Ren reveals his true self, as a centuries-old prince cursed by an evil magician to remain a tiger except for a few brief moments ever day until a chosen one reverses the curse. And it appears that Kelsey is the chosen one! Now she must risk her life to free Ren from the curse, and in the process, she just might lose her heart!

This book was brimming with adventure, mysticism, folklore, and romance. I have to admit that the Amazon Kindle Edition price of $.99 was what first drew me to this title and convinced me to purchase it, but once I started reading it, I was enraptured from the very beginning to the very end. Although this book is classified as a children's book, I feel that it is so much more. It transcends demographics and is definitely a story that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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