Book Review of Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, Bk 5)

Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, Bk 5)
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Fantastic series! If you arent reading it you should be. Conrad the blood eyed mental vampire is captured by his brothers Nikkoli, Murrdock, & Sabatian Wroth. They stick him in a mansion chained and drugged hoping to return him to sanity. Their plan is to find him his vampire Bride. Neomi the prima ballerina is a ghost doomed to haunt and repeat her death in the mansion Conrad is stuck in. Conrad is so charged with others powers and memories that he appears to be the only brother that sees Neomi ghost. Conrad spends a good chunk of the book believing she is a hallucination of his dementia. When he finally confronts her, he is completely smitten. Neomi struggles to help her vampire recover, and purposely keeps him for her own pleasure.

I love this series. I think a bigger part of this book was about Neomi and her struggles as a ghost. I wish there was just a little more with Conrad. HOT & Sexy was the theme towards the end. Cole wrote a very romantic relationship. There just seemed to be a little less drama going on in this one. The first three had nonstop action. This book was slower paced with fewer scenarios.