Book Review of Loving Hearts

Loving Hearts
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After a romantic interlude, 18 year-old Beth Brown returned home to find her father furious because of Beths interest in a poor Irish immigrant (Michael Shaughnessy), studying at university.

Papa hastily finds an older man to marry Beth and the couple moves out West. Since that night of passion, Michael has not heard from her (7 years). Michael meets a relative of Beths, who gives her address. Michael, now a successful businessman, is on a mission to find out why Beth left without a word.

At first, I wasnt impressed with this story; however, it grew on me. The story is fairly common; the difference? Excellent characterizations.


Gunfighter Clint Matthews has been hired to protect a rich rancher, Colonel Winters. His boss insists that Clint attend a Valentines Day Dance with him. The hostess has placed the name of each lady on a red heart (in a large bowl) and each unmarried man is required to draw one. Clint gets the last heart (hes watched several men exchange hearts before claiming his partner). He knows hes gotten the bottom of the barrel.

It belongs to a tall woman who happens to be editor/writer/publisher of the local newspaper. Neither is particularly impressed with the other.

This highly unlikely tale is engaging but unlikely! Theres lots of action.

RIBBONS AND LACE - Colleen Quinn

Clayton Girard, an old school friend, calls upon Victoria Wickersham (a famous valentine artist) to help him woo a woman he hopes to marry. Unfortunately for Victoria, she has been in love with Clayton since childhood.

However, she swallows her desires and helps him by writing love letters. Before long, fate takes a hand; this is a cute, quick story.


Rachel Hayes was left at the altar with no notice from her intended, Jake Travers. She leaves town in a tizzy because she was humiliated before the entire town. She stays away for almost a year; now shes back.

Jake isnt doing very well trying to convince Rachel of his innocence. She is having none of Jakes sweet talk!
This story is a laugh-out-loud hoot! Dont miss the 3 Bees!