Book Review of Awaken (Awaken, Bk 1)

Awaken (Awaken, Bk 1)
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This was the February 2013 pick in my online book club, The Reading Cove.

Maddie and Justin live in the year 2060, when the United States has become a digi-topia. Fear drove society behind closed doors and people communicate primarily via technology; face-to-face interaction is minimal.

Justin's parents are out-law revolutionaries, fighting against digi-topia to get people back to natural human interactions, while Maddie's father is the driving force behind Digital Schools and digital world-dominance...

Not hard to figure out the plot from there.

As a thirty-something, I think I'm just easily bored with the inexperienced, first-love romances of these YA novels. They're so predictable (he loves me, he loves me not) and shallow...and basically go nowhere.

So although well-written, I think this book will go over better with its target audience of young adults with limited to no romantic experience.

The world-building aspect was pretty weak, there was never a strong establishment of the future setting - but the idea that people will become dependent on technology as the primary line of communication is a timely one....but a stronger writer might've executed it a bit better. I give this one a C.