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Book Review of Wanted: One Special Kiss (Starlight, Bk 2)

Wanted: One Special Kiss (Starlight, Bk 2)
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Rila is chosen to go to earth as one of nine women to mate with a selected human so that their species can survive as their males are sterile or impotent. However, her twin Lila knocks her out and pretends to be Rila; Lila heads to earth to mate with Dr. Paul Anderson.

Paul advertises for a nanny to take care of his two year old twins, Teddy and Rick who are a handful. Their mom divorced Paul because he spent his whole life performing plastic surgery for Baltimore's elite ignoring her and their kids. Now he is a general practitioner in Preston's Ferry, Virginia raising the kids while his ex spouse has run off with someone else.

Lila lands near Paul's home where the Eastern Shore Alien Watch is aware her landing. She arrives with the ad bewildering Paul who is attracted to her at first sight. He introduces his twins to Lila and they get along fine so he hires her. As Paul and Lila fall in love and make love, the Feds and the ESAW search for the space traveler. Pregnant, Lila knows she must vanish, but she will miss her beloved Anderson trio.

The latest wonderful "Wanted" earthling-ET romance stars delightful lead couple and matchmaking wild twins with readers' hearts going out to silent Teddy. The eccentric townsfolk provide the setting with their aluminum hats and other shtick. Though the audience will need to accept the heroine's weak rationalizing her jeopardizing a mission to save her race and the Feds are pathetic antagonists, fans will appreciate this fine science fiction romance that also sets in motion the next book.