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Book Review of The Accidental Wedding (Devil Riders, Bk 4)

The Accidental Wedding (Devil Riders, Bk 4)
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Helpful Score: 3

This is the 4th of the Devil Riders series. I enjoyed this book, everything Anne Gracie writes is good. I loved Maddie and the children. Maddie was quite handy, so I learned a bit about millinery and cooking and beekeeping. We are in the middle of a cold snap right now, so I especially enjoyed the descriptions of how delicious it is to have a big warm male body in bed with you! Even platonically! I also liked the reappearance of characters from earlier books in this series, especially Harry and Nell. The 3 previous Devil Riders books are The Stolen Princess, His Captive Lady & To Catch a Bride. His Captive Lady (Harry & Nell's story) is still my favorite of the series, but they are all worth reading, and all can stand alone.
In this story, the hero Nash is inspecting some property he just inherited, when he has an accident and ends up injured in Maddie's cottage, where she is barely eking out a living with her 5(five!!) younger brothers and sisters, and is in danger of getting evicted. He has hit his head and has amnesia so neither of them know that he is her landlord, while she is nursing him back to health. Luckily the author didn't drag out the amnesia plot line too long because that can just get silly.
I just have to add that Nash was not quite my ideal hero, as lovely as he is. He did end up doing the right thing, but he is in denial about being in love with Maddie till almost the last page of the book. That's my personal quirk, I like the hero to be on the same page as the heroine, if not several steps ahead! I also recall that he and his brother Marcus were quite nasty to their half-brother Harry in an earlier book, but even though that was resolved, I guess I'm still holding a bit of a grudge. Recommended, 4 stars.

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