Book Review of Case of Lies (Nina Reilly, Bk 11)

Case of Lies (Nina Reilly, Bk 11)
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Attorney and single mom Nina O'Reilly is back in South Lake Tahoe after breaking off a long relationship. Her current client is a heartbroken man whose wife was killed by a stray bullet during a robbery. The robbery victims - who didn't stay around to testify -were three MIT grad students who have the numbers skills to beat blackjack at the casinos. There is a sometimes overwhelming amount of esoteric trivia about pure mathematics in this story, a lot of which I think could have been ommitted without damaging the plot or the character development. Elliott is a weird guy; we get it... I've read most of the 'Nina' series, so it was fun to see where she might be going next in her sometimes chaotic life, but parts of this seemed clumsy, and depended on unlikely coincidences. The Perri O'Shaughnessy sister team has done better.