Book Review of Eloquent Silence

Eloquent Silence
Eloquent Silence
Author: Sandra Brown
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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When Lauri Parrish is asked to teach a hearing impaired four-year-old American Sign Language, she thought it would be the perfect job. She has second thoughts when she learns that Jennifer's father is Soap Opera Star Drake Sloan. But since Drake will stay in New York for his job and Lauri and Jennifer will live in New Mexico, Lauri agrees. What she doesn't expect is Drake arriving in New Mexico on extended leave from his job and moving in with them.

This story was written in 1982 and feels very dated. Lauri is afraid her reputation will be ruined if people find out she is living in the same house as Drake. The heroine also jumps to all kinds of wild conclusions about Drake and his past. She believes he still loves his deceased wife and can't possibly love her. I was totally bored with that. The saving aspect of this book was the storyline of teaching young Jennifer to communicate with others. My rating: 2 Stars.