Book Review of Deeper Than the Dead (Oak Knoll, Bk 1)

Deeper Than the Dead (Oak Knoll, Bk 1)
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Having read the three books in the series backwards, culminating with Deeper Than the Dead, my impressions of this book are a little. . .tainted? The problem was that while it was easily as compelling as the other two, I kept trying to remember how the relationships, as introduced, evolved in later books. Easy enough to remember that Vince and Anne hook up, but I kept thinking that I should have known who the killer was. References are made in the other two books, as is what happens to the children. My mind kept trying to slot what happens eventually into what's happening in front of me. Distracting. Great book and series, though. No getting away from that. Highly recommended. So, too, is reading them in order, for reasons stated.