Book Review of The Bone Garden (Medical Thrillers, Bk 5)

The Bone Garden (Medical Thrillers, Bk 5)
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Great Read! In 1830s Boston medical schools are struggling to keep their students provided with (preferably) fresh cadavers so they can practice their dissection skills. At the same time a mysterious disease is claiming the lives of new mothers who give birth in hospitals. Aurnia is one of them, but her child is saved from the orphanage by her sister Rose. Rose soon realizes that somebody wants that baby and is willing to commit murder to get it.

This story is set into a present-day frame, in which recently divorced Julia digs up a skeleton in the garden of her new home. Relatives of the previous owner have saved many boxes of documents and together they piece together what happened to Rose, and also find out who the skeleton in the garden once was.

This book provides some fascinating glimpses into what anatomy lessons at that time were like - there are a few parts in here that are not for the squeamish.

I read this in two days - very well written, great characters, and a surprise murderer!