Book Review of Almost a Lady

Almost a Lady
Almost a Lady
Author: Sonya Birmingham
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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An honorable Gentleman

Colonel Alexander Chancery-Brown scours the slums of London in search of a dying friend's illegitimate daughter--whom Alex has promised to transform into a proper gentlewoman. But the ravishing hellcat he discovers imprisoned in the Holloway House of Detention may be far too much for any man to handle.

Almost a Lady

A Child of the streets, headstrong and sensuous Pell Davis is determined to resist the infuriatingly handsome lord's efforts to mold and refine her. But beneath Pell's coarse exterior is an exquisite flower ready to blossom--an incomparable beauty whose fiery spirit unleashes the straight-laced aristocrat's guarded passions...and compels Alex to risk his good name in pursuit of a rapturous and dangerously unpredictable love.