Book Review of Vanished (Private Justice, Bk 1)

Vanished (Private Justice, Bk 1)
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Its a mystery that is vanishing into the dark of night and the evidence left behind is more baffling than the crime itself.

Suspense is my guilty pleasure (I think I might have said this before, so this should come at no surprise) and I thought the novels back cover copy would fit the bill (ercraving) quite nicely. A dose of romance against the suspense element had great balance and worked well throughout the entire story.

The best part of this book? We knew who the villain was basically from the very beginning. I know that sounds like it wouldnt have the kick you would expect in a suspenseful novel, but in putting the reader in the villains point of view. Knowing his name and profession and where he was in relation to our hero and heroine put a great edge to the story that I absolutely loved.

The crime of this novel is an odd one and it gave me great curiosity into what makes this villain tick. So often I can feel jipped when Im told at the end of the book why the villain did what he did, but this one took us there. Great element!

Overall I was quite pleased with my latest novel find and have already passed it on for other family members to read.

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the publishers for my copy to review,

**Available January 2013 from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing**