Book Review of Wild Thing: Animal Magnetism / Paradise / Hunter Kiss / Wild Hearts in Atlantis

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Four paranormal romance: I originally got it for Day's "Wild Hearts in Atlantis."

"Animal Magnetism" by Maggie Shayne: I've read a couple of Shayne's short stories before but they have never made enough of an impression on me to make me seek out more. This one was much better than the stuff I have read in the past. It's very simple, not flowery at all. It is predictable but it is also very sweet.

"Paradise" by Meljean Brook: I've been meaning to check her out and am very disappointed. I found the story boring and long-winded. It might be just her writing style that I dislike. I ended up giving up on the story.

"Hunter Kiss" by Marjorie Liu: Another person I've been meaning to check out. The writing style bothered me but the characters and the world she created was so intriguing that I had to keep reading. Liu is the opposite of Brook's style: choppy sentences but very stuffy English. I'm not sure how many people would that "I did not do..." instead of "I didn't do..." The story seems to be more of a background prequel to a long series featuring Maxine and Grant. Really interesting read.

"Wild Hearts in Atlantis" by Alyssa Day: This one features Bastien and Kat. I have to admit that Bastien wasn't that memorable as one of the Seven Warriors of Atlantis and it was a good choice to give him a short story instead of a novel. A good read. Typical Atlantis storyline for Day.

Overall very decent anthology. I liked 3 out of the 4 stories.