Book Review of Dragon Bones (Hurog, Bk 1)

Dragon Bones (Hurog, Bk 1)
Dragon Bones (Hurog, Bk 1)
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 12

A really well-done, entertaining fantasy. I had heard that Briggs' was known for "romantic" fantasy, which made me a bit apprehensive, but there was really no relationship-type romance in this story at all.
However, it was definitely a 'romance' is the old sense of the term!
Ward, a young heir to a remote fiefdom, had pretended to be brain-damaged in order to avoid his vicious father's jealous beatings. But when the old man passes away, he discovers his ruse, although it may have saved his life, has now gotten him in further trouble. Emissaries from the king arrive, searching out a runaway slave, and when Ward sticks his neck out to protect her, that's simply more of an excuse to enforce an
order from the king that Ward should be institutionalized and the property left to the care of his uncle.
Not caring for the idea of the institution, Ward, with the helf of the 'family ghost' runs away with some loyal friends and followers, hoping to become a mercenary and rescue his reputation by gaining reknown as a warrior.
His true desire, however, is still to gain title to his hereditary lands - with which he feels a magical bond... which could have something to do with the mysterious dragon bones hidden in the basement of the castle.
A good mix of traditional elements and unexpected twists puts this story a good cut above the average fantasy.