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Book Review of Dark Secret (Carpathians (Dark), Bk 12)

Dark Secret (Carpathians (Dark), Bk 12)
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This one would have been stuck on three stars if not for the awesome climax, probably the best so far in this series!

In this installment, Feehan finally addresses what we have all been wondering about... what if the strong, domineering, alpha male didn't care if the woman wanted to be his lifemate? Rafael De La Cruz, answers that question in spades. He is an ancient, super powerful and used to getting his way - always and without complaint. If there is any question, he just takes what he wants. That is how he handles the woman he discovers is his lifemate. It is of little consequence what she might want. If she disagrees - and she does - he compels her and takes it anyway. It makes him a very hard character to like but kudos goes to Feehan for exploring the side of the Carpathian male we all know is there.

Colby is the perfect foil for this plot-line. She is independent, incredibly headstrong - she has to be, as she has had the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings and running a ranch since she was seventeen years old. She is responsible yet loving and fiercely protective of her life and family. So, when Rafael enters the picture, demanding she submit to him, turn her siblings over to his care and follow him to his home country of Brazil, one can imagine the response. It results in great reading but not necessarily enjoyable reading. Rafael's character is never given enough depth to overcome our disdain of his actions. He never just sits down and explains things to Colby so she is able to understand and accept everything that is pummeling her world. The reader becomes as infuriated as Colby with this confusion, keeping those stars from climbing despite the great writing.

Things take a drastic turn for the better, however, as the climax hits. It comes out of nowhere and, again, explores an area that we often wonder about concerning those almost indestructible males but have never really experienced to this extreme (notice how hard I'm trying not to spoil?!?) It was the perfect twist needed to bring redemption to Rafael and acceptance to the reader.

*The steam factor in this book is high and somewhat uncomfortable. It is also hard to skip and keep the thread of the plot consistant.*

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