Book Review of Lord of Ice (Knight Miscellany, Bk 3)

Lord of Ice (Knight Miscellany, Bk 3)
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As much as I love all of the characters in Foley's 'Knight Miscellaney' books, I must admit that the twins, Lucien and Damien, are my favorites. This is Damien's story, taking place shortly after Lucien's marriage. A national military hero, he is severely troubled by memories of the war, to the point where anything that remotely resembles the sounds of battle cause him to lose control. Being an extremely self-controlled individual, this scares him half to death, and he responds by shutting himself off so that he won't accidentally hurt anyone that he loves. He's macho and tough, and all you want to do is give him a hug.

Damien meets his match in Miranda, his newly acquired ward. Miranda is something of a free spirit, although not to the point where you want to shake her into showing some common sense. She spends the first third of the book determined to become an acclaimed actress. Damien falls for her the moment he sees her, of course, but tries to convince himself (and her) that he's no good for her. Miranda then devotes herself to convincing him otherwise. She's also having to dodge a series mysterious attempts on her life, right up to a deadly showdown.

These are two very likeable characters, whom Foley has drawn in several dimensions, as she does so well. Their personal growth is evident without being hit-you-over-the-head obvious. The descriptions of the battles that Damien lived through were grim and well-done, and you can easily understand why someone would be so haunted. The rest of Damien's family is also pulled into the story, so that you are filled in on their lives and given hints as to the fates of the heroes and heroines of the subsequent novels. A very absorbing book, and an excellent waste of several hours!