Book Review of Allie Gator and the Seven Stones

Allie Gator and the Seven Stones

A teenaged girl named Allie Gator (yes, that is her name) isnt understood by her parents especially her mother, who thinks of Allie as an embarrassment. Her favorite place is to look for shells on the sand and watch the calming waters. She stumbles into the lake and ends up in a underwater world where she can breathe and talk to the aquatic animals. She has to save seven of the underwater realms where magical stones have gone missing.

This was a really strange story. I liked the character Allie and some of her underwater allies. I thought the idea behind saving the magical stones in each separate world was intriguing .

The thought behind the stones and what happened when they were taken away was interesting but didnt always make sense. Especially after the stone was found nothing much changed. I could also say with all the things she learned underwater nothing changed in the real world for Allie. Her mother still didnt understand her and Allie was even more out of touch with reality wanting to always see her other home, underwater.

I wish some the reason behind the missing stones and the effects of the inhabitants was explained more clearly. Frankly, the capture of the last stone was the most interesting because the story drew from her life. The others may have too but I couldnt connect them to her.