Book Review of Passage

Author: Connie Willis
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Hardcover
peculiarbookworm avatar reviewed on + 23 more book reviews

It felt like it took me ages to finish this book, even though it took just the weekend.

Like other readers, I could have done without the endless descriptions of the hospital. I also think that the rambling of Joanna's inner thoughts and dialogue could have been cleaned up a bit.

I hate to say it about Connie Willis, since I love her other novels so much, but this book was a real bore. The only parts that were interesting were the descriptions of NDEs.

I especially found the last part of the book to be a real drag. I kepy saying to myself, "Get to the point, Connie!"

I wish this was a short story, rather than a novel. It probably would have made more sense to keep it short and sweet and yet still creepy.

Overall, I would not recommend this book as it is now. A condensed version? Yes, please!