Book Review of The 19th Wife

The 19th Wife
The 19th Wife
Author: David Ebershoff
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
Helpful Score: 1

Ebershoff uses many styles from letters and journals to tell the story of Brigham Young's "19th" wife, Eliza,tho she was probably a lot higher number as Young didn't count the wives he was no longer having intimate relations with, the barren, and the old wives. Eliza leaves Young and the church to campaign for the banishment of polygamy and the horrible effect on the many wives, children and polygamous men, as well. I learned a lot of history which I enjoyed, but the last 100 pgs dragged so much I struggled for several days to make myself finish it. 'Course I have to read all the prologs, epilogs and footnote information. A worthy read, just for the historical information.