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Book Review of Captive Secrets (Captives, Bk 4)

Captive Secrets (Captives, Bk 4)
Captive Secrets (Captives, Bk 4)
Author: Fern Michaels
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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From the back cover:
Twenty yars before, Sirena--the Sea Siren--rode the high seas, a ruthless, beautiful she-pirate commanding a frigate as black as night, plundering the ships of the Dutch East India Company.

Now the infamous Sea Siren rides the waves once again...But she is an imposter,. Fury van der Rbys knows because she is Sirena's own daughter. Brandishing her mother's sword, she sets sail for the coast of Africa to challenge the gorgeous, black-hearted pretender, Amalie.

Fury and Amalie. Bold and beautiful, they look enough alike to be twins--and they share a yearning for a tall, dark-eyed Spaniard who has vowed to capture the sea witch to avenge his father: But Fury has her mission to complete and a traitor to vanquish before she can claim the shimmering passion that should belong to her forever.
Earl Hughes, Meldrim, Ga.