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Book Review of Wizard's First Rule (Sword Of Truth)

Wizard's First Rule (Sword Of Truth)
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This is the best book of the series, and it's only so so. It's the story of a young hero who is given a magical sword from a sage who eventually trains him in the ways of the force, er magic. His father is the dark lord of the sith who also wields a magical force.

Through the series there are also a number of completely unrelated orders of mystical BDSM nuns who use sexual torment to enforce the will of their order.

Essentially, take the plot of starwars and throw in elements from the belgariad. Despite all of this the book wasn't a bad read. OK, the 100 page long scene where Richard Rahl (Rick Roll?) is raped by a BDSM warrior woman could have easily been removed without harming the story whatsoever.

The writing style isn't bad though. Think about it this way. I have almost nothing good to say about the book and I still gave it two and a half stars and went on to read most of the series before it devolved into a political rant.