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Book Review of Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon

Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon
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While on a commercial river rafting trip in Grand Canyon I saw this book in a bookshop. I acquired it when I returned home. I'm sort of glad I hadn't read it before I went because I might have been more scared going over the rapids. But having been there, I had a much better appreciation of what the book was talking about as well as the precautions our guides took to keep us safe.

The book does become somewhat tedious at times with all the statistics, but that shows what a well-researched book it is. I especially enjoyed reading about the unsolved mysteries (particularly the Glen and Bessie Hyde story). Also, the authors make a really good summation of what can be learned from the statistics. Although Grand Canyon is a harsh and demanding place, most of the deaths there have been a result of human stupidity and overconfidence and were avoidable. People today tend to treat it as a sort of Disneyland experience, expecting to be rescued if they get into trouble.

Grand Canyon is definitely a location every person should visit in their lifetime. This book gave me a much greater awareness of what a special place it is and some of the history surrounding it. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in our premier wonder of the world.

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