Book Review of The Vampire Diaries, Vol 1: The Awakening / The Struggle

The Vampire Diaries, Vol 1: The Awakening / The Struggle
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I am big fan of the TV series on CW and I thought that I would try the books out. I was pleasantly surprised!
Elena is the queen bee of her school and she falls for the mysterious Stephan, who is a vampire. It turns out that she looks just like a woman, Katherine, from his past whom he and his brother, Damon, were in love with. Elena is attracted to both brothers but chooses Stephan because he is the more "wholesome" brother. But she is strangely drawn by Damon's darkness.
The books are a bit different from the show, most of the characters are the same but there are a lot of differences in hair and eye color, roles in the story, etc. There are some additional characters and some are missing. This really isn't that bothersome though, I visualize the characters as they are on the show with no problems.
The writing is fairly good, the story is interesting and I was able to read the books fairly quickly. I am definitely looking forward to the next couple books: The Fury and Dark Reunion.
Overall, the TV series is much more complex and compelling, but these books are pleasant and entertaining to read!