Book Review of High Voltage (Fever)

High Voltage (Fever)
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Nine-year-old Dani O'Malley remembers living in a cage with little love and little to eat. Cared for by the sadistic Rowena who trains her to kill she grows up vowing that she will forsake killing unless she is protecting the innocent, those she loves or defending herself. And, she includes the city she loves, Dublin, and its people which she guards from forces determined to destroy or enslave humans.

In love with an immortal named Ryodan, who takes form as beast part of the time, Dani understands and loves the handsome virile Ryodan. The fey want to enslave humans while an old god wants to destroy them.

The two must work together with the Nine and others to protect their world. But the more adult humans that disappear the stronger Balor becomes. He is a dangerous and vindictive old god whose powers grow stronger with each human soul he absorbs. But Balor has an enemy of unusual powers in Dani. She has discovered that she can throw lightening bolts to destroy her enemies. As her powers increase no one can even touch the blackening areas of her body without being burned out of existence. And, the more she uses her powers the more areas of her body blacken. While l she doesn't understand what is happening to her she embraces the powers that help her defend and protect her world.

As the story unfolds we discover that even though they cannot touch each other, Dani and Ryodan pledge their love to each other. The story continues and the powers of the forces that threaten the human race build, too. Can Dani and Ryodan save their world? Can they be lovers physically as well as emotionally? Later chapters provide the answers to these questions. Excellent plot, fantastic characters, and skillful prose make this a read I couldn't put aside.