Book Review of A Crazy Little Thing Called Death (Blackbird Sisters, Bk 6)

A Crazy Little Thing Called Death  (Blackbird Sisters, Bk 6)
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It is always a treat to read one of Nancy Martin's mysteries. Even more of a pleasure when a series gets better and better over time, as do Ms. Martin's novels.

In this installment, Nora once again tries to hold the center together as her fabulously wacky sisters and her maybe-mobster boyfriend complicate her life. The murder--creepily realistic to anyone who reads the magazine Vanity Fair where the real-life strangeness of societies foibles can read like fiction--serves to illuminate the main players.

Nick and Nora, and their family and friends change, grow, and sometimes digress with each new novel in the series. In this new adventure, Nora and Mick are clear that they love each other profoundly--and continue to discover of how far apart their personal codes of ethics may take them over time.

It is a tribute to the author that she manages to make Nora and Mick's relationship so complicated and intense, keeping the overall tone of the book teetering between comedy and pathos while serving up an entertainingly surreal mystery. Big feathered and tulle wrapped hats off to Ms. Martin. Can't wait to read number seven.