Book Review of First You Fall (Kevin Connor, Bk 1)

First You Fall (Kevin Connor, Bk 1)
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Sleuth is a young, cute prostitute in NYC. He is sweet to his mother (like Fred Hunter's character Alex Reynolds), has a great best friend, and is determined to prove a mentor's (Allen) death is not suicide. Oops -- the detective on the case is a former boyfriend.
Multiple potential bad guys. Unexpected twist/twist/twist at the end. Who killed Allen -- that motive seems to appear from left field, a bit of lame surprise. That character was nice. I wanted one of the meanies to be the killer. Oh, wait... the meanies killed _other_ people. But some of the meanies were innocent. Good sub-plot about Kevin's parents (not) getting a divorce.
Waiting for the next one. Can't post this until 3 more friends read it.