Book Review of Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary
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"I'm a forty-something, 20-odd year married male with absolutely no connection to Bridget Jones or any of the characters in this book, and still I find it a hoot. I just love the witty phrasing and preposterous, although for many, I'm sure, realistic, situations Bridget finds herself in.

My wife and I saw the movie recently, and also the follow-up, and had to get the books, too. The storyline is basically the same, but there are many deviances from the movie, enough so that the book feels perfectly fresh and unspoiled.

If you just enjoy witty twists on the English language, you'll probably have fun with this book regardless of what you may think of the plot-line and structure. I'm certain though, that people who live a life similar to Bridget's will have even more fun reading her diary."
- W.G.