Book Review of Tapestry: To Kiss in the Shadows / An Interrupted Tapesty / Dragonswan / Into the Dreaming

Tapestry: To Kiss in the Shadows / An Interrupted Tapesty / Dragonswan / Into the Dreaming
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Four novellas-
First "To Kiss In The Shadows" by Lynn Kurland, is about an heiress who lost all her family to the pox. She is shunned at court because of the scars that mar her once beautiful face. She just hopes the king makes a good match for her so that she can leave the cruel women of court. She never dares to hope for love or a handsome face.

2nd- "An Interrupted Tapestry" by Madeline Hunter. Giselle was once part of a proud and rich home but her brother has borrowed against all his and her assets. Andreas is an old friend who collected too many unpaid I.O.U.s from her brother and cut off all contact. When Giselle's brother is held for ransom, she goes to Andreas for help but all that Andreas is interested in is her virtue.

3rd- "Dragonswan" by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Sebastian is of a mythical Drakos race (human with dragon traits) who comes to modern times to recover a tapestry. He meets Channon and is instantly attracted. They make love and he discovers he is mated to her. When a Drakos is mated, they are only allowed to love and have a family with that mate, otherwise they are doomed to life of celibacy. Sebastian must take Channon back to his time to protect her. He decides that he will not use his powers to persuade her to stay with him but his life depends on it.

4th- "Into the Dreaming" by Karen M. Moning. The Fae king tricks highlander, Aedan into serving a 5 year sentence to save his people, only the 5 years is in Fae years which is 500 years. 500 years in the Fae ice prison, acting as servant to the Fae king, leaves him a shell of his former self with no memories. The Fae queen wanting to counteract this cruelty, gives him dreams to keep him sane. Jane a modern woman shares these dreams and is totally ruined for any relation in the real world because what man can compare to the highlander of her dreams. When Aedan is released from his prison, a Tapestry sends Jane back to his time. He has no memory of her and rejects all her advances. Now she has a month to get Aedan to remember his self and his dreams or he will return to being a servant to the Fae king.