Book Review of Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)

Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)
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Sally Mae's speech was annoying. I think it didn't seem real because in her thoughts, she doesn't really talk like that.

The book was okay, not horrible but not great. I don't mind the S&M stuff but Sally Mae's "wild side" seemed forced and didn't suit her character at all. Just not believeable. On top of that I'm not sure the use of toys, clamps, body piercings, and plugs really fit into the old west theme. McCarthy should have stuck with bondage and spankings. The S&M stuff came kind of suddenly. With Sally Mae being so sexually innocent, I'm not sure she would be willing to jump into that so quickly and abruptly.

Tucker was cool though.

A little disappointed but will continue to read the series.