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Book Review of Dawn (Xenogenesis, Bk 1)

Dawn (Xenogenesis, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 8

This first book in Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy takes place entirely aboard an alien race's massive living spaceship. Confining events to a few rooms is not good if you're looking for lots of fast paced action. The story rather focuses on thoughtful development of main character Lilith. This is what you should expect from 1995 MacArthur Fellowship "genius grant" recipient Octavia E. Butler.

In short, Lilith is one of a few survivors of man's nuclear war on earth. She was "rescued" by an alien race which wishes to reestablish the nearly extinct human species. This help requires a trade-off. Humans must accept extensive genetic modification that will not only improve their chances for re-settling post-apocalypse earth, but will require accepting something more.

What is it that makes us "human?" What can we surrender and still be human? A thoughtful read. Recommended. Look for "Imago" and "Adulthood Rites" to continue story. Note, "Lilith's Brood" contains all three in one 700+ page book.

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